Joe SixtaJoe Sixta had an active career in social studies before deciding to teach the
subject in all its forms at BFCS. Originally from Minnesota, Joe studied at
the University of Minnesota, at Lewis & Clark College, and Portland State
University. He received his Master of Arts in Teaching from Lewis & Clark.
He has worked in community development, capacity building, social and
neighborhood organizing, and served as a teaching assistant to Professor
Larry Jacobs and former Vice-President Walter Mondale at the University
of Minnesota.
At BFCS Joe teaches US History, Modern World History, Economics,
Government, History Through Food, World History, Business, and AVID.
Joe loves teaching at BFCS because, “we can experiment, create, and
discover together as teachers and students.”
“BFCS teachers have a high level of control over their content. It’s more personalized for the student
 and educator. For example, I can choose my own history books and arrange regional field trips that
help students make connections between our curriculum and the world around them."
His approach is equally innovative for students. In addition to improving students' reading and writing
skills, Joe sometimes assigns students to teach a class, lead a discussion, or express their ideas
creatively through art and drawing. He also uses unexpected and interesting tools in the classroom
like “Settlers of Cataan,” a popular board game that provides a hands-on way to understand Economic
 concepts. Joe found it so effective he designed his own game, “Timber,” to teach students about
 managing a public resources.
Joe's students are also actively involved in the community. Working with the Southern Oregon Historical
Society Joe's students created a “History Made by You” exhibit focused on Butte Falls' past, present,
and future. The traveling exhibit was displayed throughout Jackson County.
Joe Sixta brings a fresh enthusiastic approach to public education at BFCS.