Annual Notifications

Annual Notifications


Butte Falls School District operates on a four day week, Monday through Thursday schedule.  Butte Falls Charter School is a school of choice and student enrollment shall be voluntary.  As there will be no alternative placement available within Butte Falls School District #91, any student who resides within the District boundary, but have opted out of attendance at Butte Falls Charter School, will be released by Butte Falls School District #91 to the school of their choice.  Students released under this provision will be provided transportation to and from the district boundary nearest their residence as part of a regularly scheduled route.  Arranging transportation from this point to their school of choice will be the responsibility of the parent at no cost to Butte Falls Charter School or Butte Falls School District #91.  Butte Falls School District currently runs busses into the neighboring districts of Eagle Point and Prospect School Districts.  

In addition, as required by ORS 338.125 and our charter contract, all student enrollment is voluntary.  Students who reside in the district are of course eligible for enrollment if space is available.  We do not limit enrollment based on race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, national origin, disability, and the terms of individualized educational program, income level, and proficiency in the English language or athletic ability.  

Parent & Student Rights

Under OAR 581-21-260, each educational agency is annually required to notify parents and eligible students of their rights under Oregon and federal law. These rights include, parents have the right to:

  1. Inspect and review the student's education record;
  2. Request amendment of the student education records to ensure that they are not inaccurate, misleading or otherwise in violation of the student's privacy or other rights;
  3. Consent to disclosures of personally identifiable information contained in the student's education records, except to the extent that the applicable law authorizes disclosure without consent;
  4. File a complaint, pursuant to OAR 581-21-410, with the U.S. Department of Education under 34 CFR 99.64 concerning alleged failures by the district to comply with the requirements of federal law; and
  5. Obtain a copy of the district policy with regards to student education records under OAR 581-021-0300.

Forwarding Records

Butte Falls School District forwards education records requested under OAR 581-21-2500 (l) (m) and (p) within 10 days of receiving the request.

Directory Information

Federal law requires that the school district notify the public that parents and guardians may request in writing that individual children's names and other data be kept from the media. If such a request was made, the school district could not include that individual's name in information such as scholarship recipients, athletic rosters, programs, and so forth. This type of information is called "Directory Information" and consists of the student's name, height weight, address, etc.

However, state law allows a district to release a student's address, telephone number, or photo, all of which is considered personally identifiable information, in a directory format without written permission from the parent/guardian. If you DO NOT want to have this information released, you must notify the district in writing at the beginning of the school year. This information will be sent out in the registration packets.

Emergency Closures

As we head into a new school year, we also head into fall and winter, the times of the year when school is most likely to close due to weather, power and heating failures, and so on. There are three kinds of school closures: late start, full day closure, and early dismissal.

In the event of a delay, school will be delayed for two (2) hours. Parents should simply add two hours to the usual morning bus route times. School will be dismissed at the usual time(s). Delays will be announced early in the morning over the radio and television. In the case of a delay, morning kindergarten will be canceled.  

If a severe storm or other emergency causes a full day closure, it will also be announced on local radio and television stations.

The USDA & the Butte Falls School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer & Education Provider

Since so many parents and guardians work, informing them of an early dismissal is a problem. For this reason, the district tries to avoid early dismissals. However, when an emergency does arise, the Family Emergency Plan that comes with students' registration packets is the key to where students are sent. It is extremely important that this slip of paper be filled out and returned at the start of the year. Staff members will be calling parents and guardians to advise them of the situation before the buses leave school. Be sure that we know where to send your child.

 The following stations will be notified of any delays and/or closures:



Immunization Requirements

 The law requires that all Oregon school children be fully immunized, be in the process of completing their immunization schedule, or be exempt for medical or religious reasons in order to attend school. A parent or guardian will be required to complete a certificate verifying this information if the child has not previously been enrolled in the Butte Falls School District. If your child is exempt for medical or religious reasons, he/she may be excluded from attending school during a disease outbreak for his/her own protection. You may contact the Jackson County Health Department for more information about your child's immunization needs.

Asbestos Management

The Butte Falls School District has completed the initial phase of the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) by having all facilities inspected for friable and no friable asbestos-containing materials and having an Asbestos Management Plan developed. Asbestos-containing materials have been identified in this school district.

The District is implementing response actions which include repair and removal of materials which have the highest degree of potential disturbance. The asbestos management program is an ongoing effort and each response action is documented in the management plan. Re-inspection of the asbestos-containing materials is done every 6 months to assure the materials remain in a safe condition.

Management plans are available for review in each building's office. Questions about the Asbestos Management Plan should be directed to Jeff Gorman, Maintenance Director, and Butte Falls School District.

Medicines at School

The administering of non-injectable medicines to students is governed by Board Policy JHCD-AR. This policy covers not only prescription and nonprescription medication, but also such items as aspirin, Tylenol, poison oak medications, and any other ointments and sprays. Per board policy, requests for designated staff members (office managers only) to administer medication to students may be approved by the district under certain specific conditions. These conditions and requirements are described in detail in the student handbooks. If you have any questions you should contact the elementary or high school office manager. 

Eligibility Guidelines for National School Lunch/Breakfast Program

All students in Butte Falls School District receive a free breakfast and lunch under the Community Eligibility Provision. 

School Visitations

 If you wish to come to school and visit a class, please contact the classroom teacher in advance. In some instances, testing or special programs may be taking place at the time you wish to visit. After you have your class visitation cleared, come to the school office to sign in with the office manager and receive your visitor's pass. For the protection of your children, all visitors must check in with the building office manager before they can go to classes. This also applies to visits at lunch or recess.

The USDA & the Butte Falls School District are Equal Opportunity Employers & Education Providers