Dianne Gorman - Principal

I just wanted to raise my kids in the caring community I remembered,” Dianne explains as she reflects on why she returned to her Butte Falls hometown to teach. “I wanted to help create a school that would nurture the best of every child.” After teaching math at Butte Falls for sixteen years, she became the Principal of Butte Falls Charter School. “I love connecting with kids and making them the best they can be every day.” Dianne believes that building relationships is a big part of being a teacher today. She is especially supportive of the school’s new positive discipline approach. “It is really centered on making sure that every kid has a positive learning experience.” So, what is the key to spending your life teaching kids?  “You need to be consistent and you have to love it.” PREPARATION: Bachelors and Masters from Southern Oregon University 2012. Oregon Licensed Administrator and Teacher.