Natalie Wilson - Science and Electives

Natalie WilsonGrowing up in Southern Idaho, Natalie loved living with nature. When it came time for a career, she didn’t long for big schools or bureaucracy. She wanted a career connecting with students and sharing her love of the natural world. “I appreciate the freedom and the ability to have a personal relationship with my students. You just can’t do that in a big school with larger classes.” Now in her second year in Butte Falls, she feels that the groundwork has been set for new growth for her students. Helping her students discover the best they can be is challenging. “Sure, but it is just like growing a garden. The more you get out of it, the more you want to put into it.” She is proud to head up the positive discipline implementation team. “Everyone is on the same page, connecting with kids as human beings, to inspire them to problem solve.” Natalie adds that education is changing. “Our kids are part of an evolving society. They will need to be innovative and look for opportunities in new industries.” PREPARATION: Bachelors and Masters from Southern Oregon University 2017. Oregon Licensed Teacher.