Sean Young - English 8 - 12 and Electives

To get excited about English, just step into Sean’s classroom. His unlimited enthusiasm and positive nature make you believe that every kid will succeed with guidance. He began his teaching career in California’s Silicon Valley before moving to Oregon to teach in Grants Pass and Medford. But having attended a small high school, he wanted to teach at a small school without a traditional approach. “I tell people I am the English teacher who hated English as a kid.” When he discovered the Natural Resource Center (NRC), he knew Butte Falls was home. “I am a firm believer that kids need to connect with the outdoors and the NRC is a fantastic resource. I also love how honest and authentic our kids are.” The school’s positive discipline approach is another plus for him. Sean believes there are no bad kids, they just need guidance. “Our goal here is to see you, trust you, and know you can do great things. I always trust the best instincts of my kids.”  PREPARATION: Bachelors and Masters from California State University, East Bay 2014. Oregon Licensed Teacher.