Skylar Harrington

Skylar HarringtonBefore coming to Butte Falls Charter School seven years ago, Skylar Harrington had taught music and reading at Patrick Elementary School in Gold Hill; he had run the band program and choir at Junction Middle School in Palo Cedro, CA, and he had taught private instruments and was an adjunct professor at Simpson University in Redding, CA.

 Now Skylar teaches Fifth and Sixth grades and music for every grade at Butte Falls Charter School, as well as coaching volleyball. He says he likes the flexibility and accessibility that BFCS provides its students.

“Doors are open to students who want to take advantage of what’s here,” says Skylar. “You can try any instrument - and because of our “no cut” athletic program - you can also try any sport, basketball, violin, whatever.” And there’s no limit to when or how much. “High school isn’t too late to try. Kids who haven’t had a chance to shine can still do it,” he says.

Skylar has 20 students in his blended Fifth and Sixth grade class, as well as “a Fourth grader who’s doing really well,” he says. He likes the blended class because the Sixth graders are with him for a second year and he says he really gets to know them well. He also says “it’s great to watch when the older students help the younger ones.”