Skylar Harrington - 6th Grade and Music

At some schools, music is not a critical part of education. In Butte Falls it is. The school’s former volleyball coach, Skylar Harrington, has spent 12 years teaching music at all levels. “Learning an instrument takes a tremendous amount of time and energy, so you have to connect with students on multiple levels. You really must know each student and what works for them,” explains Skylar. After growing up in Butte Falls, he came back to teach at his former school because he “loves seeing kids grow up in front of him and develop into wonderful young adults.” Skylar brings the excitement of music education to all grade levels. He is especially enthused about one new program, “Because my instrument is the guitar, it is really fun to be teaching a new guitar class for 5th, 6th, and 7th graders.“ Reflecting on the school’s positive discipline approach, Skylar thinks this commonsense approach is ideal. “Challenging young minds and building character, that’s our job.” PREPARATION: Bachelors from Simpson University (Redding, CA) 2001, teaching certificate from Simpson University in 2002. Oregon Licensed Teacher.