About Us

Charter SchoolButte Falls is a Charter School

Charter schools are public schools of choice. That means you can choose it over another school. You don’t have to live in a certain district. A charter school also has flexibility from some of the rules that limit regular public schools. Charter schools are often more innovative, yet they’re also accountable for academic results and they remain true to the promises in their charter.

Butte Falls Charter School is part of a regular school district. It is publicly funded by the state of Oregon. There’s no tuition. It’s free to attend. Not only that but, because Butte Falls is a low income area, it qualifies for federally-funded support for its student breakfast and lunch program. Those meals are provided free for all Butte Falls Charter School students.

Butte Falls Charter Schools is similar to other public schools in that the basics are well covered. Reading, writing and math are deeply engrained in the BFCS curriculum. But some subjects get more emphasis. Science, for example, receives more attention in the elementary grades at BFCS than you would typically find in a public school. You’ll also see an emphasis on natural resources in all grades. We’re located in a mountain forest next to a crystal clear stream. The outdoors is also our classroom.

BFCS has other charter school qualities that set it apart from a typical public school. Because of its small size, teachers are able to give each student individualized attention, and customize school work accordingly. BFCS is also connected with the community, and utilizes local businesses and other organizations to help provide resources to the school. BFCS students also volunteer in the community and do public service work.