Shayna Brown

Shayna BrownShayna Brown, the Math, Computer Science, Applied Technology, and Robotics teacher, loves being a part of the BFCS community.

“The staff and students are more accepting, flexible, and willing to try new things,” says Shayna. “I had a student who felt like an outcast at the school the student attended before BFCS. But BFCS welcomed the student. It’s a community here.”

Shayna also likes working in a charter school format more than a conventional public school. “Grading standards are different,” she says. “Grades aren’t weighted so much on standardized tests. They’re more individualized to the student.

She also likes the small classes at BFCS. Her smallest class has just seven students, the largest is 17. She’s also a big supporter of collaborative learning, and interdisciplinary, hands-on education.

“In my Robotics class, the assignment was to work on a team to build a robot with a sensor that could detect when the device was about to fall off a table. That’s definitely discovery, project-based learning that requires collaboration with teammates to succeed.”

One of the ways Shayna teaches is “by having students create math lessons on their iPads, and then present the lessons to the class.” She says, “We use iPads in every class.”

In Shayna’s Applied Technology class, students can receive college credit for their course work. “Applied Tech is like Algebra II. It’s a pre-req for RCC classes in tech subjects,” she says.