Shayna Brown - Mathematics 8 - 12 and Electives

Shayna grew up in Butte Falls and worked in other rural schools before joining our team in 2014. As a local, she easily connects with students. That’s important because math can be a challenging subject for some students. “I work to create a safe space where kids can make mistakes and still succeed,” states Shayna. Having had a long pathway to becoming a teacher, she understands how hard work pays off. “I think one of the tough things to teach is perseverance. Kids today are used to everything coming easy to them, but math can be hard. When I see that lightbulb finally come on, it’s very rewarding.” Shayna enjoys hanging out with kids and helping them learn and experience the world. Reflecting on positive discipline, she sums it up pretty simply, “It is about connecting first, then teaching.” PREPARATION: Associates from Rogue Community College, Bachelors from Southern Oregon University 2007, Masters from Southern Oregon University 2008. Oregon Licensed Teacher.