Butte Falls Charter School at a Glance

BFCSButte Falls Charter School

Enrollment: 230 students in grades K-12

Faculty: Fifteen teachers

Grades: K-7 in the Elementary Campus; Grades 8-12 are taught at the High School.

Teacher to student ratio: 1 to 16

Recent significant achievements: We have restored our athletic programs for middle school and high school providing opportunities for students to participate in football, volleyball, Wrestling, Basketball, Softball, Baseball, and Track & Field. Our 2018 Girls Softball Team qualified for and advanced in the state playoffs. Our 2018 Track & Field and Wrestling teams had individual athletes place at the State Championships.

Higher Education: Scholarships and college credit are available through RCC and SOU.

Our Mission: Create successful, productive, and literate citizens who will be ready for college and/or the workforce by learning collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking through natural resources.