Ashley Childers - First Grade

Growing up in Shady Cove, the daughter of a teacher, Ashley knew what she wanted to do: Teach in a small school with a focus on outdoor learning PREPARATION and a caring community that works as a team to help every child learn. Ashley points out that for many kids, first grade is a big growth year in core skills like reading and math. “Kids at this age are eager to learn, they think it is fun, and I love seeing the growth in every child.” She knows parents and students appreciate the school’s collaborative approach. “The whole school is like a community,” explains Ashley. “We do a lot of buddy work between grades, so everyone knows a child’s name. It’s a totally welcoming school.” Ashley joined BFCS staff in 2009 and she appreciates the school’s focus on positive discipline. “When I correct kids, I always do it in a positive way. It’s just natural to me.” PREPARATION: Bachelors from Southern Oregon University 2009, Masters from Western Governors University 2014. Oregon Licensed Teacher.