Elementary School

Grades K-7

Butte Falls Charter School students begin with a strong foundation of reading, writing and mathematics skills in elementary school. Classes are small and instruction is individualized for each student. We provide extra support for students who need it and flexibility to move up a level for students performing well in certain subjects.

BFCS puts special emphasis on Science in the elementary grades and, as with all classes at BFCS, learning extends beyond the walls of the classroom. Whether it’s a field trip to the District’s Natural Resource Center or helping with the school vegetable garden, the learning is hands on, real world.

Students are introduced to the family environment in the elementary grades at Butte Falls Charter School. Older students read to younger ones. Everyone learns to care for and respect one another.

Our school enrollment has grown significantly in the past two years, which allows us to enlarge our menu of learning experiences. We are adding two classroom teachers which means we have a teacher for each grade level. We are increasing our academic supports in mathematics and reading. We are also expanding our elementary general music program to include grades K-6.  And, of course, there’s plenty of time for fun and fresh air.