Maggie Smart - Third Grade

“I love my kids and I will do everything I can to help them succeed.” Compassion and dedication live in Maggie’s classroom. She believes that the 3rd grade is a time to focus on a growth mindset. She points with pride that she can easily work with other teachers on interdisciplinary projects for her students. She also thinks that the positive discipline approach is ideal for making sure kids know that failure is part of learning. “Our students will tell you that making mistakes makes the brain grow.” When asked what she loves most about the school, she says she gets to teach wonderful kids and feels respected and supported by the administration and her colleagues. “Our students know that we care. We know all of them. You just don’t get that personal connection in a big school.” PREPARATION: Bachelors from Western Oregon University 2001, Masters from Lesley University 2006. Oregon Licensed Teacher.