BFCS Encourages Real World Experiences

 BFCS Encourages Real World Experiences

Problem: How do you build a museum without a building? That was the challenge in a BFCS class called “History Made by You.”

Solution: BFCS students created a multi-dimensional traveling exhibit on the history of Butte Falls. The students did the research, wrote the descriptions, built the exhibits, arranged for the locations, and set up their traveling exhibits at sites all across Jackson County.

Problem solving through real world projects is a hallmark of a BFCS education.

Every BFCS high school student is required to produce and present a portfolio of their school work to a panel of community members who evaluate, discuss and provide feedback to the student.

“I’m amazed with student portfolio presentations,” says BFCS Math and Robotics teacher Shayna Brown. “They instill self confidence and they also better prepare our students for job interviews.”