Danielle Fetkovich - Second Grade

Danielle Fetkovich has been teaching Second gradeWith thirteen years in the classroom, Danielle is a master at making school engaging and fun. “This is a big reading year for most kids and there is a lot to learn so we use the latest technology, like interactive boards, to fit it all in,” explains Danielle. She points out that in this grade there are a lot more independent working projects and skills training. “I look for ways for kids to encourage each other. I love to see former students grow and succeed as they move through the school.” Danielle grew up Wimer and now lives in Eagle Point. “I guess small towns and schools are in my blood. I just love that we have small classes and we teach surrounded by nature. We get to share a lot of experiences with our kids, going to plays, swimming lessons, and the use of our Natural Resource Center.” PREPARATION: Bachelors from Western Oregon