Secondary School

Middle and High School Students -  FBLA Team

Middle school grades 6 and 7 are located on our elementary campus. This allows these students to serve as leaders and helpers to our elementary students. Each grade has a regular classroom teacher, but the schedule allows for some adjustments in grouping of students to maximize each students learning.

Grade 8 is taught at the high school campus. While this group of students have one teacher that meets with them each morning in a Focus class, their schedule includes multiple teachers throughout the day in subjects such as English, Math, Social Studies, Health and Physical Education, and Science. They also participate in some elective course options.

High school grades 9-12 also have grade level classes specific to the graduation requirements. Their elective classes are blended. The high school is where BFCS students take hands on learning to another level.  It’s also where they develop self-confidence and real world experiences.

Athletics also come into play in the Middle School and High School. The sense of family culture that students enjoy in the elementary grades carries on through middle school and high school.