Cy Carrigan - Social Studies 8 - 12 and Electives

Cy grew up in Medford and Ashland and after graduating from the U of O, taught for sixteen years in larger schools. But something was missing. Starting out as a Butte Falls substitute   teacher, he quickly fell in love with clean air, clean water, and the students.  "It is all about the kids.  They don't want to sit at a desk and learn.  They need active, real world PREPARATION and our Natural Resource Center is just that place."  From learning about plant science to building a greenhouse and picnic benches, to designing an ADA playground, at BFCS it is all about involvement. Cy believes that positive discipline is a great tool, but you can’t forget content. Cy develops relationships with each student, so he can help them learn content, social, and emotional skills. “You have to meet them halfway, so I seldom do the same thing every day. I keep it fresh and real.” PREPARATION: Bachelors from University of Oregon 1989, Masters from Eastern Oregon University 1993. Oregon Licensed Teacher.